About Eduardo Tavares

Eduardo Tavares has been creating beautiful images for over 20 years, in Portugal, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Eduardo works with Corel Painter to create original abstract and figurative impressionist paintings that resemble natural oils.

Eduardo crafts hand-made originals by working Pigments and Acrylics on canvas, resulting in a unique final product, available exclusively on this store.

Eduardo is also a professional photographer and creates Fine Art images from photos he takes. Prints of Eduardo's art are available through print on demand websites such as Fine Art America. Eduardo also creates hand-made originals with Pigment and Acrylics on canvas, available on this store.

Artist Statement

- Every time I create an image, I ask myself; what feeling do I want this piece to evoke on the viewer? - The goal is to keep pushing myself by creating unique art and exploring the possibilities of mixing digital and traditional media. I want people to connect to my form of expression and experience art in a new manner.
Living in different countries and traveling extensively, has allowed me to draw inspiration and learn from the plethora of different cultures and beautiful places throughout this beautiful continent that is, North America. -